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Are you the one that feeling frustrated in running up and down; in or out just to shut the window covering? Are you spend much of effort in climbing up and down just to replace your window coverings or laundry purpose? Are you keeping wondering your house's privacy when you are not around at home? With the help from us, you can just sit back and relax as all the window coverings are by your side at all the time.

Master Home System Enterprise (JM0833520-K) is a company that trading or providing the motorized window covering services in Malaysia. Automatic technology not just impact in manufacturing and industries area, but also in home decoration area. This leads to 'Smart home' concept started to shed the light among the public recently. With the help of automatic devices, the user can get rid of troublesome caused by traditional window covering products such as rushing to shut the window, climbing to a higher curtain just to changes the curtain and etc. Our smart products covering all kind of window coverings such as curtain, indoor blinds, outdoor blinds and etc. We are also ready to serve the customer that would like to motorize their existing window coverings.


Master Home System Enterprise(JM0833520-K)是一家在马来西亚交易或提供电动窗帘服务的公司。自动化技术不仅影响制造业和工业领域,也影响家居装饰领域。这导致“智能家居”概念最近开始在公众中流传。在自动装置的帮助下,用户可以摆脱传统窗帘产品所带来的麻烦,例如匆匆关窗,爬到更高的窗帘只是为了更换窗帘等。我们的智能产品覆盖所有类型的遮窗产品如窗帘,室内卷帘,户外卷帘等。我们时刻准备为想要将现有窗帘电动化的客户提供服务。

Our Mission我们的任务

  1. Attract and attain customers with the most suitable and affordable motorized window covering solution.
  2. Inspire the public with the quality of our products and services.
  3. Bring the idea of 'Smart Home' to everyone and everywhere.
  1. 使用最合适和最实惠的电动遮窗产品解决方案来吸引并保留客户。
  2. 以我们的产品和服务质量激励公众
  3. 将“智能家居”的理念带给每个人和每个地方

Our Core Value我们的核心价值

InnovationEnhance our product's quality and ultimately to become more sustainableReliableMaking our customer able to rely on us in establishing their own Smart home ideaConsistencyConsistently improve our effort and commitment to providing the best to our customer.